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Life Coaching for Adults on the Autism Spectrum

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Available Services:


  • One on one Personal Coaching

  • Connecting with Client’s Network of Professionals (Therapists, Psychiatrists, Medical Doctors, Educators, Case Managers, Employers, Volunteer Associations, etc.)

  • Job and College Search

  • IEP Advocate

  • Guardianship

  • Mentor

  • Business Formation

  • Resume Writing

  • Career Coaching

  • Group Sessions

  • Relationship and Parenting Classes

  • Autism Education Opportunities

  • Speaking Engagements

  • Workshops

  • Training of other Life Coaches for a Fee

Autism Life Coaching

Skills Taught:


  • Social Safety

  • Independence

  • Network Building

  • Interdependence with the Community

  • Knowing Who to Trust and Who Not To Trust

  • Organization

  • Meditation

  • Interviewing

  • Focus Training

  • Time Management

  • Making and Keeping Friends

  • Recognizing and Coping with Stress

  • Identifying and Expressing Emotions

  • Dating and Relationships

  • Giving and Receiving Compliments

  • Casual Conversations

  • Components of a Conversation

  • Recognizing and Interpreting Social Cues

  • Levels of Friendship

  • Aspects of a Friendship

  • Creating a Resume and an Engaging Cover Letter

  • Conducting a Job Search

  • Socializing in the Work Place or in College

  • Creating a Business

  • Greetings and Goodbyes

  • Social Expectations

  • Personal Hygiene and Grooming

  • Conversational and Non-verbal Manners

  • Career Exploration

  • The Concept of Time and that it is Limited

  • Active Listening Skills

Pros of working with a Life Coach:


  • Self-awareness

  • Self-confidence

  • Self-discovery

  • Setting better goals

  • More balanced life

  • Lower stress levels

  • Dissolve limiting and destructive beliefs

  • Gain compassion, love, and understanding of yourself

  • Uncover passions and purpose in life

  • Have access to a safe environment to brainstorm and better your life

  • Have clear desires and goals

  • Become calmer and more confident in yourself and your decisions

Couples on the Autism Spectrum


Welcome! I am a life coach, Board Certified Cognitive Specialist and Advanced Certified Autism Specialist (ACAS) Level 2 specializing in the ASD population. My desire is to guide you towards a balanced life that brings you both happiness and peace of mind. I encourage you to explore my website to learn about me and exactly what I can do to assist and support you in your life journey.

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