The Importance of Academics vs. Social Skills

I believe that school systems have made a great deal of progress in how they work with students on the ASD spectrum over the last decade. However, there is still a very long way to go in terms of understanding what we need to focus on in the classroom environment for not only our ASD students but all students. While academic ability has always been highly valued in our society, the fact is that it accounts for very little in terms of success for the future. We live in a social world and social skills are essential to navigating that world. Everything we do requires interaction with others. If we don't have the ability to communicate with the world in some way, we suffer. It doesn't matter

Life Coaching for Adults on the ASD Spectrum - ***UPDATE 2018***

It has been a while since my last blog post. In that time ASN Life Coach, LLC has exploded with more clients than I can handle on my own and I, in turn, started a second company ASD Life Coaches, LLC for the growing need for specialists in the area of life skills coaching for those on the ASD Spectrum. I have hired a growing team of professionals in the field who follow the same approach and methodology I employ in my sessions. So far it has been a great success! For more information on ASD Life Coaches, LLC and to learn more about what we do please visit and fill out the online form for more information. Personally, I have advanced my credentials to an Advanced Cert

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